That a Sausage-Guillotine should come from France of all places could be purely coincidental, but one thing is very clear, they know how to treat food there. And this ingeniously designed sausage slicer is fantastic. With it, you’ll effortlessly cut thin slices from the hardest salami.

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The The fist time we saw the Sausage-Guillotine, we didn’t really believe it would work with... more

The The fist time we saw the Sausage-Guillotine, we didn’t really believe it would work with well- cured Salami.  So, we went shopping for salami, bread and cheese, opened a good bottle of French Red and gave it a try; we were all surprised.  Not only does the Guillotine work really well, it was also great fun to use.

You’ll love this machine when snacking or picnicking and you’ll be constantly asking, “ another slice anyone?”.

Naked Facts:

  • Sausage-Guillotine
  • Material: Laminated Beech 
  • Blade: Hardened stainless steel
  • Serrated razor sharp blade
  • For cutting salami, sausage and vegitables
  • Suitable for sausage up to a diameter of 6,3 cm
  • Size: (L x B x H): 280 x 155 x 100 mm
  • Anti slip rubber feet
  • Made in France

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